Tuesday, 31 August 2010

5 Become 2?

I wanted to report on the Belgium GP this weekend but there was nothing really to say except that instead of having 5 solid contenders we now only have 2. Sure there were crashes a plenty, rain and one of the best tracks but when the flag fell there seemed to be an overwhelming sense that the season's end was nearing and with it the fact that as each race goes by the real business of who will be champion becomes sharply focused. Webber and Hamilton are prime candidates, despite the latter's arsey comment earlier in the week that he felt his championship hopes were hanging by a thread when he was second in the championship. Anyway he's fine. Somebody who isn't though is Button after his car was attacked, shark like, by an exuberant Vettel who himself has cast doubt on his own championship chances. This could mean Red Bull & McLaren might decide its about time to back one driver for the greater good. Alonso doesn't have that problem as his teammate Massa was useless for the first half of the season but on the other hand Alonso is seriously adrift of the leaders in the championship so maybe who cares. That's it really. The net has tightened and the whole lot go to Monza knowing that sooner or later their chance of championship victory will narrow further unless something dramatic happens.

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