Friday, 29 October 2010

The Scariest Car!!!

With Halloween upon us I thought it might be an appropriate time to ring out the most fearsome cars about our streets eek!

First off let’s just give this lot a honorable mention:

Taxis: The risk of being sucked into some mindless drivel about the cost of a spare tyre is terrifying, especially on a long journey.

Rolls-Royces: Oh sure they’re dandy to look at but even as you stand in front of one you know that the car is depreciating by a Euro every tick tock second. Frightening.

Boy Racers: So many different aspects to be scared of; whether it’s being cut off by one,
talking to one or even having to look at the horrific paintwork on one.

Granny’s: Now this might be a bit ageist but it’s rare if you don’t wince as the old dear tries to manoeuvre her Micra around a cowering dog tied to a pole.

Government Cars: You know that lurking behind that tinted glass there are the most evil people in this land.

So now to the Top 3 Scariest most Spooky cars of them all!

3. The Pontiac Aztek
It’s looks could force a man question humanity. Just LOOK at it!

2. 1960's Chevy Corvette:
Aggressive angles everywhere. The definitve "evil" car.

3. Dodge Viper ACR
An 8.somthing litre engine and a built spec that gives two fingers to environmentalism and build quality. Designed to beat you and anybody else within crashing range.

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