Thursday, 18 November 2010

New BMW 6 Series

Carrying on a tradition of svelte low keyed power houses is never easy but BMW seem to have done it again. Whilst the pictures might not jump out at like a Ferrari would it's the delicious details that should live in the memory. One such example is the indented line running off the front wheel arch towards the back, the exact opposite to car design from the seventies. The new 6 carries the current 3 series coupe rear end. Gone forever is that controversial "sliced" boot lid but that very feature will make it a future classic. Thankfully the rear window buttresses do remain although they're unlikely to be used on the Coupe version. Overall the coupe looks ordinary at first glance but the fact that it's brimming with the latest running gear coupled with BMW's relatively understated approach to luxury will make this a very enjoyable car to live with. Expect a mind bending M-verison some time in the future.

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