Friday, 14 January 2011

The Last Supper - What would you drive?

Motoring "experts" are forever debating cars in an attempt to answer the eternal question "what is the best car in the world?" The real question is how do we meaure the best?

If you're sensible you'll buy a Porsche or a hot Audi or maybe a Nissan GT-R.

If you're stylish you'll go for a classic such as a Citroen SM or a Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe.
But if you're walking the green mile in the morning and you have only one set of keys to take for one final zenith of a drive what's it going to be? This helps to filter out those options that you think are sensible and wise but are really actually a distraction from the core of driving. You don't need a good dealer network whilst feathering a throttle through the apexes of a chicane. But a good dealer network wouldn't make the car worse would it? No but when we purchase a car its these "add-ons", usually manufactured in the sales office, that lead us to believe that any deficiencies in the driving experience are far outweighed by the other benefits. And this process can continue until we're convinced that any quality driving experience is a mere bonus to the core car values of reliability, value and status. In reality it should be the other way around: driving experience comes first.

So you have one hour, an empty road and your choice of car. What's it gonna be?

(Clue: think Italian)

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