Friday, 25 February 2011

Irish Times Motor Show

The Irish Times Motor Show takes place from today through till Sunday 27th at the RDS in Ballsbridge. A motor show backed by the Irish Times provides some reassurance that this event will be more than a primped up car sales yard, in fact they can be commended for breathing fresh life into a show that has been on hiatus for far too long. Previous experience of a similar event held at the RDS a few years back would leave one to believe that despite having some very pretty cars on display the experience is less about a car show in the well known sense and more about flogging cars and car paraphernalia to the casual punter. To be fair it’s best to see this event in the perspective of what we would know to be an international car show. This weekend’s show will not be the Geneva Motor Show’s Irish cousin; it won’t even be in the same family. Ireland as an economy is frankly fairly irrelevant to global manufacturers and if some stalwart like Audi have some major car launch to perform it won’t be doing it in Dublin when New York, Paris and Frankfurt are alternatives. What this weekend’s show will provide though is an indulgent opportunity to pick and prod through the cars that you & I should be aspiring to purchasing; whether it be a novel supermini or four door off-roader. And for this purpose alone anyone considering a car purchase, even a second hand purchase, would benefit from knowing where today’s standards are in what is a very competitive market for car dealers nationwide. And for those of a more enthusiast nature the promise of a handful of exotica will not unnoticed go.

Tickets: €12
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