Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The dichotomy of posh cabriolets

Right so you've just shelled out thousands on a slick German convertible but when the roof is up nobody seems to notice? If you buy a convertible you're paying a premium and you want the whole world to know, right? Well this is just the problem BMW is facing with its hardtop convertibles. Despite the obvious advantages of metal instead of fabric BMW is being pressured into having it's roofs made the old fashioned way. Don't believe me? Look at the Rolls Royce and Bentley cabriolets, there's a reason they choose cloth over metal. You see convertibles are generally for posers who like to show off their wealth and if Joe Soap is fooled into thinking you have the "regular" coupe model then you've wasted your cash. So here's the dichotomy: The technology is there for a viable hard top folding convertible but manufacturers are being pushed towards using inferior fabric roofs. This a triumph of pride over sense. And not in an Italian passion way. It's in a daft egotist "look at me, I'm rich" way. If the same sense of status could be achieved with a giant arrow sticker on the door pointing to the driver with the word "wealthy" printed on it then a folding hard top would have its place in the world of premium marques. Unfortunately the wealthy prats of this world have spoken and car makers must listen.

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