Friday, 4 June 2010

The Porsche Panapromotion

Yes this is a heavily modified Porsche Panamera. Yes it's got four doors and is heavier than a 911. And yes Porsche are planning to race it. Is it just me or is this a marketing trick too far? The race engineers at Porsche must be rolling their eyes at having to wrench a plausible race car from a fat luxury saloon. Every race fan knows a Porsche 911 would wipe the floor with this calamity and yet in business (sigh!) it makes sense. In fact Aston Martin are one step ahead having successfully raced it's Rapide saloon. You see car manufacturers are very keen that you & I summon some psychological link between motoring prowess and it's brand. Hence even if you're behind the wheel of some abhorrent v-sign magnet with 6 seats and a bull bar you will still feel like Lewish 'Amiltun. You may think I'm going overboard here. Okay; this Panamera racer will be damn fast and will race around the world's most famous tracks but c'mon. It's got four doors and will only ever be driven by short men parading around the financial district.

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