Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Red Faces at Red Bull

Hmm so what's your take on the Red Bull cock-up? Two cars into one corner will fit. On this occasion they didn't. Why? Well my first reaction was that Webber was in the wrong. I mean he gave Vettel just the amount of space required to fit an F1 car between his car and the grass but at the same time they would both have had to slow down a lot more than normal for them both to turn the corner using the same line PLUS they’re teammates. If Vettel had kept his line he would’ve almost stalled whilst hugging the hairpin so slowly. Nine times out of ten both cars in a passing manoeuvre will swing to the outside of the corner at the last minute so they can both get the turning circle required to stay on track. Is that Webber’s problem though? No. Now I don’t usually have anything good to say about Webber’s overtaking skills but having looked at it more I do admire how Webber interpreted the move and stuck resolutely to his line. In terms of sticking to F1’s customs Webber operated like a pro: He didn’t force Vettel onto the grass. He gave him (just) enough space. He didn’t deviate from his defensive position once he established it. Now Webber has a poor rep thus far for overtaking and defending so the only conclusion that I can come to on this incident is that Webber accidentally pulled off one of the coldest & most calculating defensive moves of the season. Typically he is overly aggressive in this regard. He got a drive through penalty for barging Barrichello at the start of last year’s German GP and took out Hamilton in this year’s Australian GP. Ultimately, though, Webber won’t be sanctioned. Perhaps that says it all? In any case what Webber gained most last weekend is worth more than just 15 points over his teammate. The Austrian Red Bull owners and their Austrian protégé have just realised that their stage show can be scuppered by an Australian more than willing to grab the limelight.

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